Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

2013 seems to be the year of weddings and babies with my friends and family.  I have attended two weddings in the last year and have one still to attend, had two different engagements get announced, and have a new niece with at least three other babies on the way with other friends and family.  To say the least, its been a busy year in one way or the other.

The most recent announcement, my younger brother's engagement, has my family all excited.  He was proposed to by his girlfriend the other night with not a ring, but a pair of cufflinks and a tie tack.  We all know that she was more manly than he is but the fact that she was the one to propose was priceless.  The wedding plans that are in the works already are very special though because they are trying to keep with a 'tradition' of sorts with our family.

Tradition is not quite the word I should use but homage is maybe better.  When I was eight or nine, my mother married my step-father in a small ceremony at the courthouse gazebo in the small town that I now live in.  When I married my wife, we had the same small ceremony in the same gazebo and I even wore the same shirt that my step-father married my mother in.  So far, those same plans are being discussed for my brother.

While mothers more often hand down wedding dresses, my mother had all boys and while my brother may look good in my mothers wedding dress, it may be a bit small as he is almost a full foot taller than she is.  Also, while he has a wide chest, his bust size is seriously lacking.  So instead the shirt was handed down.  It really wasn't much of a conscious thought from what I know, but it has happened and we will see how far it goes.

I am really happy for all of my friends and family, whether wedding bells or baby cries or both are in their future!  It's been a really busy year for me and next year looks about the same.

'Til next time.

Llama Llama

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