Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Write On! Write Away!

Until very recently, I have looked down my nose at fan fiction.  I have always been of the opinion that when something amazing presents itself, you should leave it the hell alone.  Especially because when I would hear about some of the things my friends had read, I was appalled.  Stories about forbidden love, most of the time really being just lust, between two characters that never should have been in that situation, i.e. Han and Chewbacca, Deanna Troi and DaiMon Bok, or Harry and Draco.  Why do people feel the need to create $5 trash novels out of the books, movies, and shows that we love?

I said 'until very recently' because I have been reading a few different fan fictions and I have to say that my opinion has changed.  There are some amazing writers out there that are just interested in extending out our favorite story lines in their own way.  It is very interesting to see where some people think things would continue to go after the tale is over, or what would have happened in the pages that seem to have a gap in time.  It can be a fun way to continue to live through our favorite stories again but with new tales from the imaginations of some very talented people.  And then, go back and read someone else's work from the same point, like a choose your own adventure story from our childhood.

Obviously not all fan fiction is good.  Like I mentioned before, there is a lot of sex trash and some writing that is not so great, but it is a great medium for beginning writers who need a platform to find their own creativity.  Some of these beginning writers have a great story line and just can't write well, but everyone has to start somewhere.  And while it would be easiest to tell them to refine it before posting it, everyone wants and deserves to have their stories read by as many people as possible.  Thank goodness for the internet because there are a million and one places for people to post their work to be read.

from http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mononoke-396230434
Part of my recent education has taught me that fan fiction does not just include written works, but artwork as well.  Many people are not the greatest at writing or creating stories, but are incredible artists and share their visions that way.  I have seen some art that dropped my jaw in amazement and some that almost made me weep from the beauty of it.  It is another perfect medium for some folks to be able to share their passion for the things that they love.

A lot of people badmouth fan fiction and have since I was a kid, but I now see that it can be a great thing.  I highly recommend that you try reading, writing, or viewing some fan fiction relating to the things that you are passionate about.  It may turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you.  Search the internet for it and you will be rewarded with a huge number of sites that are dedicated to it.  For example, www.fanfiction.net is one of the largest and most notable collections of fan fiction of almost any type. Also, some of the larger main sites have fan fiction pages attached, like fanfic.theforce.net.  Also, for artwork, I recommend checking out www.deviantart.com.  Any search there will reveal some amazing artists.

So what are you all passionate about?  What fan fiction have you read or might you consider reading?  And feel free to share any great writings that you have found and believe need to be recommended to other readers.

'Til next time.

Llama Llama

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