Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Look! A shiny thing!

"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of other things."  That was the first thing that popped into my head this morning as I awoke and it will not go away.  I can't imagine for a second why my subconscious has decided to bring it up, but I am thinking of some correlations to recent events and states of my mind.

While I am not about to murder and devour a bunch of fat and innocent oyster children - I know that is not what that poem is really about - I do feel like a distractor.  I have always tried to be the person that is trying to keep things light and pleasant or to at very least bring bring a bit of sunshine to people in dark moments.

I am not trying to make people ignore or forget about the problems that surround us.  I am only trying to help them smile for at least a few moments and see that there is hope.  I comes naturally to me to smile when there seems no reason to, although there are times when even I have a very hard time finding a smile.

If anything, I just want to help remind everyone of my friends that through the tough times, you do still have someone that cares and wishes only the best for you, even though you cant always feel it.

I hope all is well for you and if it is not I hope it gets better soon.

Til next time.

Llama Llama

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Twitter Rant

This morning before work, I find myself listening to a song that I havent thought about in years.  It's not one that I listen to often because it's not suitable -in my opinion- for my twelve year old to listen to.  I am enjoying it now for a few reasons, a little nostalgia and research for future Twitter posts.

Social networks are an evil thing for people like me because even though I say that I don't care what people think about me and what I have to say, deep down I really care.  Too much.  I find myself thinking WAY too much about what I have to say so that I either avoid pissing too many people off or bring the end result of a retweet, "like", or response.  It consumes me to the point that I end up not posting at all because I just get too frustrated with not coming up with a good or interesting post.

As far as social networks go, I only really like Twitter.  Facebook is a tool that I rarely use because it is full of retarded posts about things that I really couldn't care about if I tried.  It has quickly become an environment too similar to Myspace and I only see use in it for catching up with family and old friends that I dont have much contact with otherwise.  I just cant get into it.  Google+ is a wondrous place of organization and learning for me.  I get so much information from there and find the greatest links that the internet has to offer.  I just can't bring myself to post on there too often because I feel a bit inferior to the many people that have figured out how to best use it.  I read and +1 on there constantly, but rarely ever post.  Now Twitter, there is my bread and butter.  Easy posts, quick reads, and less thought into what to say.  I find it very informative, rewarding, and fun.  I still have a problem with posting myself, but am more likely to post on there than anywhere else.

I know that some people that may be reading this are thinking, "But you're blogging.  Isn't that like social networking? Doesn't that come pretty easily to you?" My answer is yes, but, to me, blogging is more for my own benefit and for some reason I think less about the fact that others are going to be reading these posts.

Now, back to my original thought.  In the last few days I have found my twitter family growing.  A few of my really good friends went to a wedding in Canada and had an amazing time.  Something about that trip brought them back to Twitter with a vengeance.  I hadn't seen either of them on there for a while, but suddenly here they were and posting things that had me in tears from laughter pains.  Most of their posts stemmed from the amazing conversations that were happening at the wedding and other Canadian fun, but I somehow have found myself lumped in with this group, only two of which do I know.  Jenny says that I would fit in great with that crowd and thats why she was adding me to her posts, but because Twitter is such an amazing place, I found quickly that it wasn't just her.  Her other friends had just begun including my in their posts as if I was there the whole time.  This is where the song comes in as a lot of the posts were of a similar nature the lyrics.

That is the magic of Twitter.  Things happen so quickly and there is such an easy amount of connectivity that connections are made in an instant.  I feel more at ease and like I have a larger ability to say things without having to consider what is being typed.  I still dwell on it, but it's not as much of a battle for my inner idiot.

Sitting here at my compter, before getting ready for work, and wearing my Superman cape, I just have one final thing to say.  Thank you too all of the geeks and nerds out there who are true to themselves.  I know that it has fast become a large culture, but I am a child of the 80's and 90's when it wasn't cool to be what we are and we did it anyway because we love those things that make us what we truly are and are not afraid if it is cool or not.  I say this because those are the people that I have found and bonded with most on Twitter, even though most are just people that I follow and don't actually interact with often if at all.  Of course I sought them out, but it was easier in that type of environment.

Just in case any of them end up reading this, thank you to my Twitter family for being awesome and keep bringing the joy.

'Til next time...

Llama Llama