Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Nerd In Me

Not a pic of me, but Wil does kinda look like me. ;)
I recently watched a video that someone had posted on Google+ in which Wil Wheaton was asked to address a future nerd. In the video, he spoke of what it means to be a nerd. The thing he cited most was a nerd's intense passion for the things that they like.

I am a nerd. I am very passionate about the things that I love. I grew up with Star Wars, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and video games. Now that I am older, my tastes have widened even more with the new shows, movies, and technologies. I love my Doctor Who and Firefly, WOW and blogging, Twitter and Pinterest, podcasts and my iPhone.

Along with all of this comes a very strange personality trait. I get very intense about a thing or a few things for a month or two, and then suddenly cant force myself to focus on it for another few months. This gets so bad that eventually I have a day where I have an intense boredom due to the fact that I am temporarily "tired" of all of my obsessions and it causes a twenty-four hour depressive state. After that I slowly find some new obsession or my old ones become interesting again. I also find that if I force myself to pay attention to any obsession while I am in this state of being, I begin to despise the thing that I once loved and adored. I, therefore, try not to force myself because I cant imagine suddenly hating those very things that normally are what make me... well, me.

Some of you may have noticed this type of behavior from me in the form of my other blogs. I will post weekly if not daily for about a month straight and then suddenly I wont post anything for at least a month. It is very strange and disturbing behavior to me and I cant seem to shake it. It may just be something that sticks with me my whole life.

I wonder sometimes if I am alone in this. I am certain that I am not because I can't imagine that in the whole work of nearly 7 billion people there isn't anyone else. And it really isn't too big of a deal because I always seem to come back around to the wonderful world of nerdisms in my head and then I am fantastic again. (Thank you Christopher Eccleston)

So I guess this is my way of welcoming you into my little world. Hope you all enjoy reading about what I have to say and if not, that's fine because it's all more for me and a little "self-therapy". Though I would love to have friends comment on here and discuss these things with me.

As a last though, I have my tickets to the 9 p.m. PREMIER OF IRON MAN III!!!!!! Obviously I am a bit excited.

'Til next time.